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Online Therapy

By working together online, you can access professional support in a location that is convenient for you, without the need to attend a consulting room.

For many people, accessing therapy face to face can be problematic for any number of reasons:

  • Experiencing illness

  • A parent of young children

  • Living in a remote location or rural community

  • Your schedule is very tight

  • You want help but feel highly uncomfortable in new environments

  • You are a time compromised teenager

  • You are travelling for work or other reasons


By working together online you have complete control over where your sessions take place.

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How does it work?

Online Counselling at All Therapy is provided either by phone or secure Zoom online video platform.

Before we commence therapy we will have an intitial free 30 min consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss what is bringing you to therapy and for you to decide if you will be comfortable working with me.

Just as if you were meeting face to face, your first appointment will run for 90minutes.  All subsequent appointments will be for 60minutes.

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