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Clinical Supervision

I am a qualified Clinical Supervisor, able to work with supervisees seeing adults, adolescents and children.

I supervise trainee counsellors, qualified counsellors and for other professionals in the helping professions, either in groups or for individuals.

I have an integrative approach and seek to support a holding, creative, safe space to support learning and development.

My aim as a supervisor is to help you to grow your professional confidence, broaden your skill set, and to equip you to help your clients.


Engaging in the clinical supervision process provides an opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship with an experienced practitioner, which will nurture your expertise and your career.

As a supervisor I work to :


  • maintain or enhance the professional skills, knowledge and attitudes of supervisees

  • develop the ability to conceptualise clinical material and apply appropriate interventions

  • Identify and manage transference and counter transference issues

  • hold awareness of ethical and professional standards

  • enhance analytical skills, creativity, self-awareness, confidence and competence

  • clarify roles, responsibilities and boundary issues

  • Identify professional strengths, wellness and training needs

  • I work within the professional framework of the BACP

  • I work face-to-face, by telephone or by Skype

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