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Counselling and Support for Cancer

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can evoke a vast array of emotions for the person with the diagnosis, as well as for their families and friends.  


All Therapy has vast experience of supporting clients; adults and children with cancer, both during and after their treatment. I understand that it can be difficult to talk to friends and family for fear of burdening them with more fears and emotions but it is important that your own thoughts and feelings are not lost amongst your journey through cancer.


For adults, young adults or adolescents, talking to someone who is trained to explore these emotions can be a very powerful tool at this time. For a child, engaging in play therapy will have similar therapeutic benefit, of helping the child explore their emotions.


Counselling can also be helpful if you are the relative or loved one of the person experiencing cancer. You may feel you do not wish to burden the person who has cancer with your own feelings of fear but would benefit from exploring your own feelings and how the cancer diagnosis affects you.  By discussing their own worries or concerns, they will be able to offer more of their emotional self to support their loved one.

Benefits of counselling and psychotherapy.


  • Learn ways to manage the diagnosis and the fluctuation of daily emotions

  • Explore your relationships and the impact that a diagnosis has on them

  • Explore your own thoughts, feelings and emotions

  • Strategies for re-adjustment after treatment ends

  • Relationship and intimacy issues

  • Loss and bereavement of those surrounding you

  • Fears for the future

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